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Moral Moments

Talk, listen, change.

What is Moral Moments?

All communities can be defined by four pillars of cultural construction: morals, ethics, action, and faith. Supported by these pillars, Moral Moments (MM) is an open conversation rooted in storytelling that nourishes decision-making and question-asking. Influenced by current events, this conversation is guided by revolving problems and possibilites. The current conversation explores the problems of racial bias, violence against women, and poverty along side the possibilities of community building and peace.

Awakening to my Principles

Does what I believe affect how I live my life?

Seeing some Possibilities

If what I do shows the world what I believe, are my actions telling the whole story of…me?

Becoming Aware of my Practices

What if what I do shows the world what I believe?

Finding some Purposes

What if the story I am telling in my words, thoughts, actions, and deeds doesn’t “match up” with the person I want to be?

What is a Moral Moments experience?

The Moral Moments Project is designed to engage people in Moral Moments “experiences.” Whether for an hour, a day, a semester, or a lifetime, a Moral Moments experience is characterized by five essential elements. These elements must be present, regardless of the pillar being explored.

Intellectual Inquiry

What can I learn about the pillar? There is scholarly work and there are diverse perspectives that, when thoughtfully considered, can inform one’s own thinking.

MM requires STUDY.

Personal Contemplation

What does the pillar mean in my life? Reflection and healthy self-assessment can help a person to make connections between the pillar and their own beliefs and experiences.


Community Conversation

What does the pillar mean to others? Building skills to engage in conversation with people– including people we don’t know well–creates opportunities to learn about the morals, ethics, actions, and faith that guide others.


Strategic Decision-Making

What practical steps can I take to integrate and bring to life what I’ve learned? A MM experience moves people to action, either immediately or in the future.

MM requires ACTION.

Cultural Engagement

What can I learn from and share with those who have other viewpoints? Every culture on Earth has morals, ethics, actions, and faith. Intentionally engaging in different cultural experiences enriches one’s own perspective.


"Moral Moments" by The Pennsylvania State University is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.